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Induction Loop Systems

What is an induction loop system used for?

An induction loop system can be used in difficult listening situations. It is most often used to help improve listening in churches, in theaters, at airports, or at home.

How does an induction loop system work?

A wire loop is used to create a special zone inside a building. This special zone sends a speech signal using an electromagnetic field that is picked up by the telecoil in a hearing aid or a receiving device. It is important to note that not all hearing aids have telecoils.

If you are interested in learning more about hearing aid telecoils, read more about them in the Features of Hearing Aid Technology section.

How is an induction loop system helpful?

The speech signal is usually clear and has no background noise because it is sent directly to your hearing aid(s) or your receiver.

What are the advantages of an inductive loop system?

  • You only need to wear your hearings aids in a telecoil program to hear the talker better. You do not need to wear other battery-powered devices unless you want to hear through a loudspeaker or headphones.
  • Your hearing aids or your receiver will work in any room that has been looped. You do not need to worry about different frequencies or channels like with an FM system.
  • You can walk around inside the loop and still hear the speaker clearly.

What are the disadvantages of induction loop technology?

  • You can only use induction loop technology if the building you are in has been looped.
  • You might hear more than one talker at the same time if the building you are in has more than one loop system.
  • Your hearing aids or your receiver might pick up interference from other electronic devices. For example, fluorescent lights, computer monitors, or television screens might cause a humming noise.
  • You may not be able to hear the talker if the loop has a dead zone.

For more information on induction loop systems, visit the website hearingloop.org.

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