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Musicians' Hearing Program

The Musicians' Hearing Program at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine provides comprehensive care to musicians and concert goers in greater St. Louis. This mission is accomplished through Prevention of Hearing Loss, Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation, Education and Screening, and Treatment.

Importance of Musicians Hearing Program

Please contact us at 314-362-7509 (Press option 2) or Request an Appointment Online to:

  • Learn what hearing protection is right for you/li>
  • Schedule a baseline comprehensive audiologic evaluation/li>
  • Arrange a group presentation on noise exposure and hearing loss and could include a hearing screening/li>
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss hearing aids and hearing assistive devices

Prevention of Hearing Loss

Repeated exposure to loud noise, including music, leads to hearing loss. Traditional foam earplugs and non-custom musicians’ earplugs changed the frequency spectrum reducing the treble more than the base. Custom-made musicians’ earplugs (i.e. ER-15) only reduce volume, they do not change music. Multiple filters with different levels of sound reduction are available.

An appointment will be needed to make an earmold impression for your musicians’ earplugs. You will return in 2 to 3 weeks ensure proper fit and function.

Musicians’ earplugs are made of high-strength silicone, are discrete and durable. They are an important investment for your hearing health. Musicians’ earplugs will preserve your hearing and will allow you to stay competitive longer in your music career.

Some suggestions for musicians wearing Musicians Earplugs

  • Experiment during rehearsals before using during performance
  • Wear at loud events (i.e. concerts), before rehearsals/performances

More information about Musicians earplugs can be found at Etymotic Research.

Also, we provide in-the-ear monitors (ITM) for Westone and Starkey and are preferred providers of earmold impressions for 1964 Ears, JH Audio, and Ultimate Ears

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

The audiologists at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine can perform a hearing evaluation to determine your hearing ability (Comprehensive Hearing Test) and need for hearing aids and/or assistive devices. Results from this confidential evaluation can be provided for your records.

Education and Screening

The Musicians Hearing Program provides education through group presentations concerning the risks of noise exposure and hearing loss. Presentations have been provided to Washington University in St. Louis School of Music and Webster University Department of Music. Webster University provides an annual presentation to their incoming music students.

A hearing screening can be provided as part of a group presentation.


Appreciation of music is still possible with hearing loss; it’s never too late. Special care in the fitting and programming of hearing aids can improve music appreciation. The Division of Adult Audiology dispenses hearing aids and can also reprogram hearing aids obtained at other facilities (for a fee and depending on manufacturer).

For more on how hearing aids can improve listening to music: Programming Hearing Aids for Listening and Playing Music


American Association of Musicians with Hearing Loss (AAMHL)

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