Facutly Practice Plan

Why Washington University?

Washington University Adult Audiology is dedicated to the hearing healthcare of its patients. Using the latest equipment and technology, our professionally trained and licensed clinical Audiologists provide personalized and timely services for all types of hearing challenges. In addition, our faculty and staff routinely conduct cutting-edge hearing aid research.

If you are concerned about your quality of hearing or that of a loved one, please contact us at (800) 437-5430 to receive the comprehensive care you deserve.

  • The WUSM Advantage – Learn what sets Washington University School of Medicine’s Adult Audiology apart from other Audiology and hearing aid dispensing practices.

  • The Right Fit – What should you look for in an audiologist?

  • World Class Research – This section describes the Washington University Hearing Aid Research Laboratory and provides information on current research studies.

  • Faculty and Staff – Get information about our audiologists.

  • Clinic Locations – We have three convenient locations. Which will be the best fit for you?

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